What We Do

Web3 Compass is proud to be the first and exclusive search engine in the Web3 network. Our platform is designed to provide users with unparalleled access to the decentralized web, allowing them to find information that is unique to the Web3 network.

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With Web3 Compass, you can explore the wealth of resources and applications hosted on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), which is invisible to Web2 search engines like Google. Our platform is specifically built to cater to the needs of Web3 users, making it easier than ever to navigate this exciting new landscape.

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Our mission is to make the decentralized web more accessible to everyone by providing an innovative platform that enables users to easily search and discover IPFS-hosted websites. We believe that the decentralized web represents a fundamental shift in the way the internet operates, and we're passionate about helping people navigate this new terrain.

Our team consists of experienced professionals who are committed to the decentralized web and its potential to change the world for the better. We are constantly working to improve our platform and enhance the user experience, so you can find what you're looking for quickly and easily.

At Web3 Compass, we prioritize privacy and security. That's why we use to ensure the privacy of your searches. You can explore the decentralized web with confidence, knowing that your searches are protected by our platform's privacy and security principles.
Whether you're a blockchain enthusiast, a developer, or simply curious about the decentralized web, Web3 Compass is the perfect starting point.
So why wait? Join us on our journey to the decentralized future and start exploring the possibilities of the decentralized web today!